Harlow Cleanse + Exfoliate Mask

  • INFO

    • Harlow detox cleanse + exfoliating mask
    • A gentle exfoliating + cleansing mask leaving skin soft + supple.
    • Use as an everyday cleanser or 2 to 3 times a week masking ritual.
    • INGREDIENTS: Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Organic Blue Papaver Somniferum (Poppy) Flower Seed 
    • KEY INGREDIENTS: Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay assists our bodies by expelling many toxins found in our everyday, increasing immunity + reducing inflammation.  On top of being able to draw-out toxins from the body, the clay itself has a range of nutrients as well as an abundance of vital minerals including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron, + potassium. Poppy Seed: Poppy seeds are harvested from the poppy flower, they are oval shaped seeds + perform beautifully as a gentle exfoliant, they are completely spherical with no rough edge so there is no danger of micro tears to the delicate skin. 
    • Allergy Warning: Created in an environment that uses tree nut oils
    • 4 oz/50 g
    • Made in Vancouver